Saturday, December 6, 2008

Friday Night - Failure!!

'nuff said. check it out...


Kelly Olexa said...

You weren't talking about ME were you hee hee.
Hope you feel ok today!!

GirlwithNoname said...

I had a feeling you might see yourself in that one!! :-)

Julia's Mom said...

Hey Jackie, I just wanted to let you know that I think you're so smart and cute! (you too kelly!) I like what you vlogged about tonight. i've been beating myself up for about a week now pretty badly. I don't know how to make it stop, but your words helped a bit. My issue isn't even overeating, its just me and the way I perceive myself and my future. Anyway, hope you didn't beat yourself up too badly today because you've done great things and you deserve to be wreckless every now and again. It gives meaning to what you're doing.



GirlwithNoname said...

awww, thanks Stephanie, that means alot, really!! and yah, try to find little ways to be kind to self, life's supposed to be fun, after all! :-)

Carlin said...

Hey Jackie, and all your wonderful fans, and I'm talking to myself in most of my comments ok? Failure is not falling down. Failure is staying down. You said it well, kid learning to walk, fall down, ok dust off, get back up.

I heard a great quote, sorry can't remember who, but the quick version of it is if you want to raise your success rate, you have to raise your failure rate, or your falling down rate. Set the bar a bit higher, then don't be so down on yourself if you do fall down once in a while. I've always liked the Baseball hitting average. Getting a .300 average earns you Millions right? That means 3 out of 10 at bats, you make it to first base.

Keep up the great work, I'm glad our paths have crossed.