Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday - Ramblin'

Me using a freeweight (yay) on another lame machine (boo)...trying to stick to a theme here ... sorry for the mixed message within the pic, we were desperate for props/scenery!!! :

My daily rambling:


Carlin said...

Hey Jackie... bummer about the nose bleed, yeah, ewww right?

Re the incline bench, I new a guy who just leaned a board against the couch (or a kitchen chair), so he saw with his butt on the floor, and leaned back on the board.

From the video, you don't have room for a weight bench do you. Which is too bad, because they're always easy to find in yard sales, never pay full price for those things ;)

Enjoy your day off :) You earned it. We'll miss you, but its ok!


Kelly Olexa said...

ahh man, do you know what is so funny, I have this really great workout bench, that can be flat/incline- and since I primarily workout at the gym now, I am selling it....if you were yi yi.