Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday - Seeds, Salt & Tea !!!



Evelyne said...

Hope you're not coming down with anything. I feel the exact same way. Since yesterday. I'm gonna drink loads of green tea and my concoction of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice in my water. Hopefully, it will flush it out of my system!

I had NO idea you should put nuts in the fridge! Wow. Thanks for another informative vlog!

GirlwithNoname said...

thanks, I'm still feeling a little 'off', sore throat persists. Otherwise I'm still planning my cardio day tomorrow, so let's see what happens!


thefightgeek said...

me like caveman food :)

Seth said...

The word for "bleh" is lethargic. Or enervated. The opposite of energized.

"I use lots of salt, your body needs salt!"

You make me smile and definitely are encouraging as I'm at the point in my training where the aches don't stop until I'm warmed up for another round. Break set in a week. Can't wait!


GirlwithNoname said...

thanks for elaborating seth! you're hilarious!

T said...

Hi there, i've been lurking for a while now and thought i should tell you that I really love your blog and the fantastic info! Cheers to your amazing health and fitness journey from me - - a fellow Canuck! Have to tell you that I was disappointed to hear about the estrogen properties in beer...UGH. I mean I certainly like my wine but on a beautiful hot summer day after I cut the's beer for sure!!

GirlwithNoname said...

thanks T!! glad to have you along... just fyi, apparently that's one of the reasons beer causes that beer gut that other alcohols don't...tummy fat is something that CAN be brought on by excess estrogen levels!!

thanks again, see ya out there!