Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Night - Lets talk about Muscles again!

Hey everyone. I share my opinions about using machines vs. free weights. Just my opinion mind you!!! it does look like this video is full length now. Sorry for the original being cut off. Enjoy.


Kelly Olexa said...

ok, I'm going to have to disagree with you here. As someone that has worked out at HOME for years and years, I totally agree that free weights/barbells and doing stairs etc. is fantastic. But I don't think that using machines is NOT a tough workout. I totally agree when I see the lame people casually flipping through a magazine on the treadmill or a bike but that is because of the USER not the bike. And yes on a treadmill or bike you don't balance, but the workout is as hard as you make it. As far as the stairmaster, the machines of OLD were lame and you are right, very easy to be light- but the new ones where you have the rotating actual STAIRS- I will tell you without a doubt that is one of the toughest cardio workouts I've done; I am pouring sweat on it and AND It totally works your glutes because you have to totally propel yourself UP with your heel - the machine doesn't push you up at all, in face if you don't push yourself up you will fall off.

Cable machines I agree are the best and for the most part, that's what we go for. But Jay has shown me killer moves to add in- to an overall routine with some machines and they let you focus in hard on an area that you may not be able to hit standing up- leg press machine, don't think I could find a way to duplicate a 350lb leg press.

Can you totally workout at home- hello one look at you and that says yes, but I simply have to say that it FOR THE MOST part is the USER that decides the intensity of the workout.

So there's that.

GirlwithNoname said...

yep girl. I agree, its the user that determines the intensity. I have no argument with that. My point was that the machines do a lot of things FOR you, like force your ROM and keep balance for you... and if you're keeping your own balance and maintaining correct ROM on your own, you're hitting more muscle fibers and working more in a 'natural' state.

that's all! over 'n out!