Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursday - All Packaged Up

Hey everyone. Today I talk about packaged food. Good? Bad? Necessary?

Here's some more pics from my recent shoot... tried to find some good ones of my quads, but those ones were pretty hard to come by. For some reason the definition in my quads just isn't showing in these pics like I thought it would. Dunno why! but here's a couple of new pics anyway:

also, just wanted to give a thanks for a special honour: @thefightgeek on Twitter reco'd me to this guy who linked me up... wow, the honours just don't stop coming! THANKS!


Evelyne said...

LOVE the pics! Great vlog! I'm learning so much! Question for you....What is your opinion on the Mercury levels in tuna/fish? Some weeks I eat 2 oz of tuna a day. Think that's too much or dangerous?
I found these great easy open tuna packages and they are really convenient, pop open and swallow. Just wondering what your thoughts were on that, thanks!

GirlwithNoname said...

hm. yah, I've heard that the mercury count in tuna isn't good and that you should limit yourself to one or two servings a week. I try to keep a handle on it, but sometimes its all that's convenient as I rush around or feel to lazy to make an effort, so sometimes I get more than a couple of servings a week. I guess its a decision that should be made personally after doing some googling and researching. I'm going to have to do some more of that on that particular subject myself. thanks for the reminder!

thefightgeek said...


I'm the shy and retiring type ;P but thanks for mentioning me in your blog.

great new pics btw

cheers :)

Fitness Chick said...

Great vlog.

WE love the Squirrely bread too!

Raechelle said...

Yup-I say limit the tuna..When my girlfriend was pregnant with her first kid she was advised to not eat it at all and that was 12 years ago-I've seen much about it since then.
You want your quads to show....get some self-tanner when you do pics-it makes a huge difference-and they will show...I promise!