Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday - Sugar!

A couple of omissions to yesterday's "Do Not Eat" list are addressed, and I finally dive into the pantry for a short visit regarding sugar.

oh, and btw, that chocolate bar? ORGANIC! yep. and a VERY short ingredients list, cocoa mass, raw cane sugar & cocoa butter. The best chocolate bar I've been able to find out there. The brand is "Vivani". If you're going to eat chocolate, try to make it at least 70% dark (antioxidants) and organic. and then enjoy!

and finally, a quick shout out to a fellow blogger, who has deemed ME and my pictures worthy of posting on her blog, as inspiration. Thanks for the props gf, it such an honour!


Raechelle said...

I broke down and watched 2 vlogs in one day!
Good for you...yes to honey no to splenda! That's me too.
You are such a good positive influence for women out there that think they have to be anal to be healthy-yay for you!
keep up the good work!

Fitness CHick said...


I agree with you about the sugar, dont have the fake stuff, just have a little and make sure that you count for it.

I to am addicted to fruit, and yes the fruit in Canada sucks at the mo.

Have fun tonight.

GirlwithNoname said...

thanks guys. I try... hard. but not too hard! life's supposed to be fun right?

thanks, I will have fun! Cute boy on way over now!! LOL!

Evelyne said...

Oh my! That little smile at the end said it all! Hope you had a very good time last night (with your friend). ;)

Yes, Splenda/Sucralose is SCARY stuff. Poison is right! I try to stay away from the stuff at all costs. IT'S IN ALMOST EVERYTHING these days. YUCK. What's your opinion on Agave Syrup?

It's like butter to me. I would rather have real butter that has only 2-3 ingredients rather than some buttery spread that has 10-15 ingredients, half of which I can't even pronounce!

I'm not a fan of winter either. Much rather have summer all year round. I like wearing less clothing. :)

GirlwithNoname said...

yes, we had a really fun time. over too early, the young lad had an early audition. such is the perils of dating cute young actors!

I have no opinion on Agave Syrup, mostly cuz I've never tried it. As I mentioned I barely NEED sweeteners... I only have skim milk in my coffee, and other than than my oatmeal dunno what else I'd bother sweetening. I love the taste of real food, why fuck that up with additives and sweeteners??

anyway, nite for now. til tomorrow. xoxo

Kelly Olexa said...



Evelyne said...

I'm getting MUCH better with the sweet stuff. I used to be a TOTAL sugar junkie. When I stay away from it and eat clean, I don't seem to crave it as much. But once I give in and eat something, like chocolate, then it's all over. Hmmm...guess I should stick to fruit! :)

Glad you had a good time, too bad it was cut short. Cute, actor too?!! Lucky girl!

GirlwithNoname said...

Kelly, good to hear... keep on truckin' with that one. eventually you'll lose your taste for it, I promise.

Evelyne, I hear ya with the 'one drop is too many' thing with the chocolate. that's why I cut up the choc bar, that way I can grab a couple, close up the bag and forget about it in the cupboard ... if I brought the whole bar to the couch with me I'd eat the whole thing without even a thought. its all about the planning... failing to plan is planning to fail, right?