Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday: Love Thyself

The Inspiration:

The Confession:


Carlin said...

Hey Jackie ;)
Its been cool getting to follow you here, and on Twitter. Timing has just been amazing. You've got a knack for saying things I need to hear. Thanks for sharing the "back story" side of what brings you to where you are.
The love yourself post really hit me. Thanks for that.

Julia's Mom said...

Carlin said it right. Thanks for being so open and honest and raw. its refreshing. I did need to hear what you talked about. Lots of food for thought there.



GirlwithNoname said...

Carlin and Stephanie, thanks for saying so... as you could probably tell I was nervous about revealing quite that much about myself, but it felt right and necessary and I want to work on not holding back anything from you guys... this is a growth process for me too!
so thanks for listening, with open minds, and embracing me! I appreciate it!

Carlin said...

Hey Jackie
(still seems wrong to call you by name, considering the title of your Vlog!)
This is the essence of that whole web 2.0 I think, the dialog. You're being open with us, and inviting us to respond, to reciprocate. (big word, wow)
Yes, we embrace you, got your back, and if you need anything, please do ask.
As a fellow Canadian, you're familiar with the Canadian Geese of course. I read a while back about why they are always honking when in formation. The honks are for encouragement, and the formation can fly further and faster than a single bird can fly alone. For now you got the lead, and we'll keep honking, ok? I'm not big on buzz words, but synergy comes to mind.
"honk honk" :)
Carlin in Seattle

Anonymous said...

Yes, I really appreciated you opening up and sharing with us. The whole self love/loathing thing has been something of a fight for me all of my life. Still is. But, I'm working on it. :)

GirlwithNoname said...

thanks wasn't an easy vlog to record, but I think it was worth doing...!! glad you got something from it.

Charliewall said...

Thank you Hun.. Wise words, right to my heart.. dealing with similar demons.. appreciate wisdom and honesty