Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Night: Where it all comes from

I was asked, outside of self-motivating, where do I find my inspiration.


Carlin said...

Hey Jackie
No kidding, you're just laying your soul out here. I'm proud of you, girl!
Note to self, I don't want to die alone and bitter, either. Its never too late to turn around ;)
Thank you for today, all great posts.

Raechelle said...

Much of this could have been coming out of my mouth girl! I used to smoke (amongst other things!), and both hubby and I look at unhealthiness as a motivation to stay healthy. Keep on keepin' it real-its fab stuff!

GirlwithNoname said...

thanks Carlin & Raechelle. it means alot that you guys understood where I was coming from. thanks again!

Charliewall said...

thanks again!! What an intelligent well thought out answer.. Loving the 80's sound track too!! :-)

Priya said...

Hello Jackie,

Nice blog!! Great way to keep yourself as well as others motivated...

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