Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday - Support!!

Hey everyone... how's your support network? Do you get support from your friends & family? or do you get exactly the opposite? I have a few (as usual) opinionated thoughts about this one!

and just a little bit more on the subject:


thefightgeek said...

It's been interesting watching you grow your online support base. You've certainly shown, first hand, how online social networks can have a positive effect upon your health and fitness.

Good post!

and btw ...

I've always loved your food tweets!

They remind me to eat ... and to eat well


GirlwithNoname said...

thanks fightgeek!! you've been one of my biggest supporters too so thanks for that too!

(watch SttB for another guestvlog coming soon)


Kelly Olexa said...

Support is the key, I totally believe that. Once I added blogging this year to my life, everything changed!! And yes, there will always be those dream stealers that you have to contend with- and if you decide to not give them the time of day, up front, you can move past it.