Saturday, December 20, 2008

Friday - Keepin' Track

hey guys. do you keep track at the gym? I don't mean in your head, I mean on paper, with a pencil....


Anonymous said...

Hey Jackie

As I think I have expressed before I don’t quite share your antipathy re gyms.

I find the gym helps with motivation as I see people I know having fun, sharing goals etc. I also use the gym to mix things up a bit by doing classes (Circuit, Body Attack, Body Pump, Spin, Treadmill for speed work etc). As we all know, the body needs change regularly to shock it into changing/improving.

The gym I go here in Brisbane, Australia insists on everybody having a program card which is stored at the gym that records weights, repetitions etc for workouts. So, I agree that keeping track is a good idea. Also, there are always instructors wandering around who keep an eye on technique etc.

Anyway, I guess it is personal preference but am impressed that you can keep the motivation and variety going while only working out at home.

Hope the sushi was good and you have a great Christmas in the snow (dream of snow, it was 35 degrees here in Brisbane yesterday!)



Kelly Olexa said...

I could eat sushi every day. And I TOTALLY agree with you on taking notes while you work out, and planning out your training, especially when going to the gym. When I'm not training with Jay and guess what he writes out my program for me!! - I tended to start doing the "wander". Now I am planning out my training in advance and loving it.