Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Guest Article for StraightToTheBar

hey, check it out, I've been honoured with another guest post over at StraightToTheBar... I talk about what to expect if you're just starting out weight training!

Weight Training - Starting Out: What to Expect


Julia's Mom said...

Hey there! Great Guest Vlog! I meant to ask you, what brand resistance bands do you use? What is your reco for a starting set? Do they come with door attachments and grips or do you need to purchase them separately? I've looked at Bodylastics, but not sure which to choose. Thanks!!

GirlwithNoname said...

Hey Steph. I've got a few different brands of fitness bands, one of them came with a DVD that I watched once just to get ideas and haven't looked at again AND a door anchor. The other ones, I had to buy the door anchor seperately. They aren't expensive tho. I don't know if I reco any one band over another, and have no idea what brands you have avail to you, I just bought what was avail at my local FitnessTown store. There's a million brands out there, but they only carry a few. the ones I own are Slastix (that's my super heavy duty one), GoFit (do like that one alot, but have gotten too strong for it now) and Sissel (which is even less resistance but I still use it for resistance crunches (abs) and rotator cuff pulls. I'm hoping to put together a little cyber-store soon with some good products so stand by for that in the next couple of weeks! :-)