Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Monday Ramblings

Hey everyone... a little stream of consciousness here for you.

Oh, also I forgot to mention in the video that I actually shaved a full 2:15 off my endurance/hills run today (that's 2 MINUTES, 15 SECONDS!!) since the last time I did the same run just last week by just 'given er' instead of being delicate about it ... and man did that feel great!!!

See ya tomorrow!


Evelyne said...

WOW!!! 2 min 15 secs!! That's amazing! So happy for you. Also, I'm so THRILLED that you were able to go all out on your run and your hammies feel great! WHoo-hooO!!!

Hope you have a great week!

Kelly Olexa said...

No snow!!! Whoa!!!


GirlwithNoname said...

yep, hams are awesome and I don't have to worry about slipping in any snow and hurting them further, at least not yet anyway... with NO SNOW!! hee hee.. last year I went powerwalking in a snowstorm and slipped and thought I was gonna scream cuz the act of recovering from the slip before I fell was excruciating on the hams. sheesh.

but all better now! hee hee.. am overjoyed!