Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yesterday we ran, Today We WALK!

Hey Everyone, I'm taking you on a tour of where I do most of my cardio today. Luckily I figured out how to string a bunch of little videos together no problem so its all in one video (phew), but this video is a bit longer than the others.

I'm also trying a different format with video upload today. Let me know if you like it or hate it. If its no good, I'll go back to blip.tv.

Part 1 (the seawall adventure):

whoops! forgot to add my map of Stanley Park! here it is... I usually walk all along the path that's along the lefthand side of this map:

Part 2 (the grateful appreciation):


Kelly Olexa said...

I LOVE YOUR VIEW and I cannot wait to visit!! WE need to plan so many blogger get togethers!!! yayaa

And wow what a great place for outdoor walks. I need to start taking some walks....

;-) XOXO


GirlwithNoname said...

ok, guys. I've been smacked down by one twitter-follower saying I'm too scattered, and its too long. tell me what you guys think ok?

Obviously I'm new at this and if you've watched everything I've said, you know that (so maybe he didn't)... I'm still learning video editing so duh that it was a bit scattered, but I was trying to show you all how/where I work out, which I think I accomplished... or at least I hope I did!

If this was booooorINNNNG, please let me know what you'd like to see!



Keira said...

Blogs/Vlogs are all about Expression of the "Individual" - Don't cut out anything that limits what YOU feel like sharing with us. This is YOUR creation - We are YOUR guests!

By the way, thank you for the sunshine and ocean front! We are blanketed in snow here in New York - the view from your 'backyard' was a welcomed distraction!

You are off to a great start with your vlog! Best Wishes!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that tour of where you do your running. What a beautiful way to get in some great exercise. I live by a (very small) beach too, but it's along Lake Erie. (I'm in Buffalo.) So, my view on my drive home is similar. I LOVE IT.

My question or request is if you could enlighten us on your eats. Kelly has been talking about how you were telling her what's good and bad, etc. I'm always up for learning more about food and how to eat healthier and live a healthier life. Thanks so much!

Have an awesome day!

I don't think it was too long and it certainly wasn't boring. I think you're doing a terrific job! Oh and great editing too!

GirlwithNoname said...

thanks guys.. I'm feeling a little better about the smackdown I received... maybe he's not such a vlogger, ya know? I appreciate that you guys are enjoying what I'm putting out there.

Keira, I definitely have some food / eating subjects to touch on... I'll get to that as soon as possible... the first few vids are just to get you guys caught up on what I'm all about generally, and food is one of those topics. So stand by for that one!

thanks again guys... LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

Donna said...
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Donna said...

OK, this is really odd. I left a comment here this morning, something to the effect how I loved your view and vlogs etc., and how I loved the beach and so on, but when I just looked the comment was something totally different. I think it was something I left on someone else's blog a while ago, so I deleted it and wrote this one. It should be interesting to see what shows up. Sorry about that, I don't know what's up with blogger.

zevenesh said...

hey, there are NO rules to twitter or vlogging :)

shorter clips helps YOU w/more content though, and you can spread them out through the days, etc.

people will want to learn more and more about you, your inner self in addition to training

keep killing it :)