Sunday, November 16, 2008

Introduction to GWNN

Ok, here's my first foray into vlogging/blogging. I hope you enjoy it. Please send me comments and let me know how I did! thanks!!! (and WELCOME to my life on video!)

Part 1:

Part 2:


Bekah said...

Loved your first VLOG! I'm so jealous- I'm going to need to join you and Kelly with these Vlog's :-) Love your post workout meal, I'm going to give it a try myself! xox


Kelly Olexa said...

Woo-hooo Jackie!! You rock!! I'm so glad you are doing this, you will love it and I know your audience will love it!! supa star!!


CreoleInDC said...

Heeeeeeyyyyyyy! I thought you had no name. What's with this Jackie?


FABULOUS foray into vlogging Princess! YOU ROCK!

Raechelle said...

You Rock! I love your energy-and love that you are a "fit in the forty's" chick (me too!) Keep on vloggin'-no turning back now girl!

Evelyne said...

Absolutely wonderful! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your red hair. It's gorgeous. Hope the pics come out so we can see them!

Your view is BEAUTIFUL too!

Jehanne said...

here is some Vlog/blog love for you... xo - welcome!!!!!!!!!

Visionquester said...

Love the accent!

Julia's Mom said...

Hi Jackie!! Loved your vlog, good intro, I'm looking forward to getting to know you better and learning from each other!

Have a good day,


Tracy said...

Loved your first VLOG...can't wait to follow your journey daily.

You and Kelly both ROCK!

Erica said...

Hey girl! I am loving your blog! Just found you through Kelly O! I can't get the videos to load on your new blog :( Any advice??