Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Let's Motivate!!

Welcome to Wednesday! I answer the question of how I got to the mindset I'm at now, how I motivate to workout every day, and eat right.

Also, for the person that asked me what I think about the P090X, I'm sorry, I don't have any knowledge about that program. I prefer to write my own programs. But I have heard it will kick your BUTT! and that you need access to a pull-up bar to get the full benefit from it. I am intrigued by it, might even try it someday, but I'm pretty good at kicking my own butt so for now will be sticking with my own programs.


Charliewall said...

brilliant.. I am also finding a fitness network 'out there' in cyberspace. Thank you for sharing your insights

Donna said...

Sorry, that was me that had the
P90X comment but that wasn't meant for you. I actually deleted the comment after I saw it. I have no idea how it got there. That was a comment I left on someone else's blog some time ago and have NO idea how my comment changed to that. It was the strangest thing.

Kelly Olexa said...

Girl, that was awesome! I knew you'd get addicted and I knew that others would get addicted to you too!



Keira said...

Another great vlog!

However, I must chastise you on an error in judgment -- Sacrificing a beautiful day out of doors to do Laundry??? Sure we must honor our commitments to ourselves, however, like you said – life happens. Choose sunshine and fresh air every chance you get! My personal guarantee to you -- when bad weather sets in, the laundry will still be waiting for you! ;)

Have a great day!

Carlin said...

Hi, I just followed you from Twitter today. You're doing a good thing here, congrats. I think its great that you're "real", some fitness people are too hard core, and the rest of us just tune them out. Thanks for sharing, I'll check out the rest later :)
Carlin in Seattle (from Grande Prairie originally)

JocelynD said...

Found your vlog through Miss Tracy J and really like listening to you, just had to stop by. I do P90X! I love it! I did the make up my own routines thing for a while but that's hard with 2 kids and a hubby with a rotation shiftwork schedule. Anyway, awesome vids, I'm hooked!

Evelyne said...

Thank you for sharing that with us. Very informative. I find my motivation goes through phases.

YES!! My Mom (who is a 'health nut') told me about how bad Splenda/Sucralose was and how it was made. It's so horrible how it's just about in EVERYTHING. I try my best to stay away from the stuff.
Oh, and I'd MUCH rather use butter that has 2-3 ingredients rather than use margarine that has stuff in it I can't even pronounce. YUCK.