Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Post-Workout Motivation

I'm doin' stairwells today, and here's the resulting brain-spurt!! :-) I'd like to preface this with the correction that when I was talking about stairwells being good "HIIT" I probably should have said they're good "Intervals"... one of the "I's" in HIIT means Intensity, and no one can have intensity going on if they're reading a book. Okay?? Okay!!



debroby said...

The Graviton and tons of lat pulls are the only way I prepared to doing pull ups. I LOVE the Graviton! Use it. Use it long, hard and often.

Kelly Olexa said...

I am a bit jealous of you having the stairs thing going on- I really liked doing the stairs at my gym and then they said we couldn't anymore (liability purposes blah blah blah)

Evelyne said...

Your stair workout sounds really intense and interesting. I used to ABHOR walking the stairs. Now I enjoy it. I really should start taking them here at work!

I'm SO interested in hearing what you have to say about food. Can't wait!

Hope you had a FABULOUS time last night!