Sunday, December 28, 2008

Xmas Eve - Snowed In

Hey sorry this is so late... my video upload service totally let me down over Xmas!! Anyway, here's the beginning of my Xmas Eve:

After I recorded this vlog, however, the snow let up a tiny bit, my building manager shoveled the driveway to the garage and the roads on the webcams along the freeways didn't look too horrible, so I hit the road... more to come about that soon!


Keira said...

Hi Jackie,

By the time you get this comment I am sure much has changed to add some "cheer" to your holidays.

I just wanted to wish you happiness and encourage you to stay the course! As long as we have "Tomorrow" - we have hope!

As for the 'text-loser', remember; you are "HOT"! Allow yourself to feel the pain, then move on and feel the sweet revenge of struttin your stuff! His loss!

So much better awaits you!!!

Take Care!

GirlwithNoname said...

thanks gf!! I have more vloggy action coming very soon that shows my whole xmas! :-)

as for texty-boy, I KNOW, I know.. he's not worthy, but when your ego takes a blow like that it really DOES help for someone else out there to remind you of what you already know, so thanks for the pep talk, I really appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl, can't wait to see how your Christmas turned out. How was the party?

And I SOOOO agree with are HOTTT and absolutely beautiful and don't need a complete loser like that. I'm so sorry you had to go through that, but just know there are SO many of us that truly DO care for you and think of you highly.

BTW - I finally got around to posting those snow pics on my blog, if you're interested. It's all gone now, ofcourse, (thank goodness) but we're in for some more soon. BLAH! Have a great week!


GirlwithNoname said...

Thanks Evelyne!! actually I never made it to the party (see my comment below the video)... and I'm just waiting for the vid formatting to finish so I can upload for you guys to see what my xmas actually turned out to be.

and thanks to you too for the kind words. Just crappy timing overall... too bad cuz I don't meet someone I really like very often and I did like him. oh well. there'll be another one... eventually... right? hee hee

ok, I'm off to look at your snow pics now!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jackie

Probably a bit late now but like the other guys I hope your Christmas eventually turned out OK. So sorry about the text stuff. That's a bit gutless (as we say in Australia) for him to do it that way. And yes, we do have Boxing day in Oz. Keep your chin up. Terry

Julia's Mom said...

Hey there!

I can't wait to see how your xmas worked out. I echo Keira and Evelyne. You're definitely too good for treatment like that. All I can say is karma is a very real thing so he'll get his just desserts. Losing you was only the start of it.

Keep keepin' on girl.


Aaron said...

Well, I guess Christmas in BC was white as hell, huh? In Maryland, we had nothing. In fact, it was 65 degrees for the longest part of the day. Not rubbing it in, though ;)

Aaron said...

Also, I'm fascinated by how you view the surroundings and then swing the camera to see you. It stays on your head the whole time without moving you from the center of the frame. Do you have a tool for that or are you just that good?

GirlwithNoname said...

thanks Terry & Stephanie. I do feel alot better with you all pumping me up like that!! now if Revver would just freaking cooperate so I can upload my post-xmas vids!! gr!

Aaron, LOL, that's hilarious, you said you figure our Xmas was white as HELL? I didn't know there was any of the white stuff IN "hell"!! that made me laugh! thanks

as for my camera moves. I'm just that good. Its all held by my hand, I just know if you're looking right down the centre of the lens you've gotta be in the middle of the frame...its when I try to direct it to another part of my body, like what I'm wearing for running tights or something, that I always miss, cuz I can't see the viewfinder OR the lens!

:-) cheers. new vids soon I hope.