Monday, December 29, 2008

Post-Xmas Ramblings

Hey Everyone... finally, here's my Story of Xmas!!

and here's the xmas montage I promised... We start with what I drove thru to get there (although it doesn't look nearly as bad on camera as it was) and move on to what I arrived into!! Please have patience thru the part with the kids playing, I know there's alot of it and I'm kinda rambling and its dark (try to watch it at night with the lights out if you can't see it), but I think the message is important and completely relevant to the theme of this overall site... AND some of the things these kids come up with on their own is absolutely mind-blowing (at least to me).



Julia's Mom said...

I loved loved loved watching this! and to let you know how much I loved it, I stayed 15 minutes late at work to continue watching! LOL!---The kids are adorable and they clearly love you as much as you love them. Gave me warm and fuzzy and soo So cute! Just what the Dr. ordered eh? k, i'm going home now!


GirlwithNoname said...

*wiping a tear* thanks Steph... that comment made me a little emotional. Yah, I do love those kids. I never thought I'd be a kid person (don't want my own) but when my brother started up having them it changed everything (still don't want my own, but sure do love being Auntie Jackie)... thanks for telling me that!

Julia's Mom said...

its true! They really do change everything. I was married for 6 years and was 36 years old when I had Julia. Best thing I ever did!


thefightgeek said...

Don't you Canadians have those tennis racket things you put on your shoes so you can go out in the snow?

I wonder what running in them would be like? You could start a new trend :)

Gotta go ... didn't get a chance to watch the second vid :(

Hope you have a happy new year ;P