Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wednesday - Xmas Eve & A Run In The Snow

Well, here we are, big potential cheat days are upon us! Merry Christmas Everybody!

oh, and a note, its now Xmas Eve, and I am indeed snowed in. Not the ideal year to have Xmas cancelled on me like this, but what's a girl to do, ya know? Have a great holiday everyone.


Anonymous said...

Sorry things are down for you right now;that can be so hard, but especially during the holidays! Shake it off! And put skis on your car if need be, to get to your brother's house! Zoey

Julia's Mom said...

Hey Jackie,

Whatever it is that you're going through sounds pretty crappy and I give you credit for your honesty. Just keep being you. If you need to talk or vent you have my email address okay?

I'd also love to hear what that song was, I'm a metal head from way back and the more growls and curses there are the better in my opinion! Some don't understand that aggression brings peace to some of us. LOL!



Fitness Chick said...

Just stopping by to wish you Merry Christmas.

Im sorry you are snowed in.

GirlwithNoname said...

thanks you guys. actually, after I recorded a couple more vids that I currently can NOT upload (but will) I decided to brave the snow cuz the roads cleared up a little, and actually made it ok out to my brother's place, kinda late on Xmas Eve night.

so at the moment I'm actually snowed in out in the BURBS!! LOL! I made it to Xmas but now can't get home. It just keeps snowing and snowing and snowing. Once I get home I'll upload those other vids as well as a few I shot during xmas, in one of them I explain what happened. But I'm gonna make you wait til you see the vid to find out! (a little suspense for you!)

I also video'd the kids unwrapping their presents from me and my brother's reaction! its priceless! but again, makin' ya wait! :-)

thanks Steph for the offer. I'll be ok. The song I was talking about is by the Dead Kennedys and its called "Too Drunk To F*@k". I just didn't want to video that, its not PG enough to get approved thru Revver!

xo! Happy Boxing Day to those of you getting Boxing Day. When I get home is anyone's guess!

thanks to all for your xmas wishes!