Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday - Disappointment and SNOW!

So, got a little disappointing news today. I wondered how I'd handle this kind of situation once I had these new habits. Check it out!


Raechelle said...

Sorry about the disappointment but bravo for not falling into old habits!!
So-since you live in that sort of climate though, that you can't always run when you want to....have you thought about yoga or pilates to kill the time when you can't run.
My husband-(an avid bodybuilder-even won a few comps in his younger days) has been doing yoga for 7 years now (as an adjunct to our gym workouts)-and actually has said that if he had to choose one or the other he would choose yoga! He is pretty damn fit for 48-and can now do the splits-and has abs to boot! So, I'm just saying-with snow to contend with-you may want to look to other outlits for days of frustration!
Have a great holiday whatever you end up doing!

GirlwithNoname said...

thanks Raechelle!! I actually find Yoga way too slow moving and boring!! LOL! gotta have lots of moves or some speed to keep me interested. We dont get snow like this USUALLY so hoping the rest of winter is not so bad. Ran today, I vlogged about it, that should be up tomorrow hopefully... glad I went but was a challenge for sure.

you have a great holiday too!!!

Evelyne said...

HA! I'm SO not the 'typical' woman! AT ALL. STILL no shopping done! AND I DON'T plan on going out there today either. We got MORE snow last night and now it's raining! Meant to post those pics yesterday, will try again today.

Sorry to hear about your disappointing news. Hope all is well! Stay warm!

Raechelle said...

I don't know girl...they are heaps of different kinds of yoga out there-and have you seen some of those bods?! :D Damn fit-LOL!
Well-anyway-glad it's back to rain-jogging in the rain is very energizing (my opinion anyway!)
take care and stay safe girl!